During this past year and a half, we have had the amazing chance to sing, write and share our pop music all over the country as well as different parts of the world.  We love being a boy band, however, during our time as Beyond 5, we sometimes get a chance to gather like-minded youth groups together and share our feelings about what matters most to us; Our Lord and Savior, our families & friends, and our belief in a God that loves us and wants us to take care of each other.  We believe that music brings us together and can inspire positive action no matter what religion or geographic location.

People continually ask us if we would ever consider recording the spiritual songs we sing at firesides or for youth groups.  We have always wanted to record them, but until now, haven’t had the chance.  With your help, now we can can make this CD a reality.

The songs on this special CD will be about faith, life, love and our belief in a God that wants us to serve others.  This album captures Beyond 5 in a very intimate and personal way with five group songs + five solos from each of the band members singing songs they have each chosen personally.

The album is underway full steam ahead as we have already spent the last month in the recording studio.  Here’s where you come in…   We’re almost to the finish line and need your help to raise enough money to complete the CD.  With only two weeks to raise the rest of the money, we are reaching out to our amazing fans so we can do this together!  We’ve come up with a fun range of incentives so you can help us reach our goal, but get some awesome perks in return!

Thanks for being part of the Beyond 5 family and for helping this project get off the ground.

Help back the Kickstarter at this link:

God bless you!

-Zac, Tanner, Patch, Ammon, TJ



  1. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! I’m soooo excited!!!

  2. I cannot wait till they release new songs

  3. i can not wait i literally can’t! love you beyond 5!!!!!!!!

  4. I love “Faithful!” It is so amazing, and I listen to it all the time! <3
    Love you


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